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Scott Coleman

Scott Coleman

Scott Coleman, Registered Investment Advisor / Founding Partner

When I was hired by PaineWebber in 1985 there were less than 2000 mutual funds. There was only one 30 minute show on PBS dedicated to the markets. There was no Internet and there were only a handful of periodicals dedicated to investing.

Today there are over 30,000 mutual funds… Several networks dedicated to investing in the markets… And the Internet has literally millions of pages offering investment advice. People have access to more information and advice than any other time in the history of the world, but…

We frequently meet people who are overwhelmed by all of the information. They own dozens of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and a wide variety of totally confusing “alternatives” and “derivatives”. They have no idea what they own, what they’re paying, how their portfolio is performing, and have nothing like an investment plan or policy statement describing how all of the pieces fit together and if their investments are even appropriate for their goals.

I think performance improves and anxiety is decreased when the investment planning process is simplified and transparent. My goal with every client is to understand what is important to them and create a simple plan that gives them the highest odds of reaching their goals with the least amount of risk.


Scott Coleman became a quadriplegic after a water skiing accident at the age of 17 before his senior year of high school in June, 1980. After months of rehabilitation, Scott returned to school and graduated the following spring. Four years later he graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in finance and economics, and began a career helping families and small business owners diversify their investment portfolios.

Scott currently lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi and has been married to his wife for over 30 years. He has worked in the investment consulting business for more than 31 years. When not working Linda and Scott enjoy spending time with family and friends at church, traveling and staying in the woods as much as possible.

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