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Investment Process and Services

“Simplified, goals based investment plans”

“We serve clients with a variety of needs. We offer a full financial planning service, but many of our clients already have a plan in place and simply hire us to manage their investment portfolios.”

“Investment strategies/management include the following:”

  • Risk assessments and management.
  • Customized investment policy document.
  • Development of optimal asset allocation and periodic allocation review and rebalancing.
  • Selection and monitoring of investments.
  • Investment policy review and updates.
  • Performance monitoring reports.
  • Tax loss harvesting and tax minimization strategies.
  • Comprehensive portfolio reviews.
  • Investment education and Behavioral finance advice.
  • 24/7 “cloud-based” account access.Personal financial website with important document “vault”.
  • Cash management.Distributions.Deposits. ACH and Wires

We are committed to the fiduciary standard and believe in a transparent, all-inclusive flat fee instead of commissions. We accept no commissions or other incentives that might cloud our judgment or sway our allegiance. We work for you and your family alone. We would much rather be compensated for the services we provide and performance Instead of being paid only when we convince you to buy or sell something.


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